Our standard quilling glue is a suitably tacky, good quality, washable PVA glue which dries clear, yet doesn’t form an annoying skin in the bottle. You can even use it to coat solid free-standing figures, cones, animals’ eyes, etc. It is non-toxic, quick grab, water based, and ideal for craftspeople and children alike. (It’s also extremely good for quilling!). Remember, less is more – use as little glue as possible when quilling, which is why our glue is so good, sticking so well.

Our Extra strong quilling glue is an even more permanent, good quality PVA glue, particularly suitable where one surface is not porous – eg. when sticking paper strips to certain plastics. It dries clear. (Not soluble when dry, so sponge off clothing with water as soon as possible.)

We use a ‘Fine Tip Applicator’ which we leave in a pot with a lid, upside down on a damp sponge or kitchen roll, for ease of use and carrying, or you can just leave a cocktail stick in an open pot and drip in a drop of water if the glue gets too thick.

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